High School

English-Grade 9 Biology Accounting 1
English-Grade 10 Biology Applied Accounting 2 
English-Grade 11 Biology Honors Accounting 3
 English-Grade 12  Biology AP  Introduction to Business 
 AP Language and Composition Grade 11  Chemistry Applied  Business and Personal Law
Chemistry College Prep
Chemistry Honors
Personal Finance
Developmental Reading 9-5
Chemistry AP  Multimedia
Environmental Science
Introduction to Computers
Creative Writing

Introduction to Computer Programming
Microsoft Office

Physics Applied
Physics Honors

AP Physics 1
Journalism: Newspaper 
World Cultures 
AP Physics 2
  Journalism: Yearbook
 World Cultures Honors
AP Physics C
Independent Study


US History AP  AP Physics C
Independent Study

Communication Technology
Economics  AP Physics C-Mechanics
Home Repair and Maintenance 
 Project-Based Physics  Technology and Its Impact
 Anatomy and Physiology  Wood Tech 1
 Wood Tech 2
Science of the Earth
Wood Tech 3
 Science of the Universe
Wood Tech 4

 Algebra Applied 1 Part 1
Traffic Safety
 Algebra Applied 1 Part 2

Spanish I  Algebra 1  Physical Education 
 Spanish II   Algebra 2 Applied
Spanish II Honors
 Algebra 2
  Spanish III  Algebra 2 Honors
Independent Living
  Spanish III Honors
Basic Foods 
Spanish IV Honors
Spanish AP
 Pre-Calculus Honors
 Acoustic Guitar
   Calculus Honors
 French I
  Calculus AP  Beginner Piano
French II
  Concert Choir
French III
 Geometry Applied Music Appreciation
 French IV
 Geometry Music Theory 1

 Geometry Honors Music Theory 2
 Keystone Algebra 1 Remediation  Geometry Analytical
 Keystone Biology Remediation
Probability and Statistics  Art 1
 Keystone Literature Remediation
Statistics AP Art 2

  Art 3 
Art 4